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Combat to Class

“It was a very rough transition. I had a lot of free time, nobody telling me what to do, and everything was on me.”

Veterans entering college following military service do not have the same college preparation guidance afforded to traditional college students. As a result, they may find themselves at a disadvantage when transitioning into and functioning successfully within a college environment. Some student veterans report feeling isolated and disconnected from civilian students and faculty.  

Still others may be juggling family and work responsibilities which can further challenge their adjustment to college life. Those who have been injured may be learning about the impact of their injuries on their daily lives.
As a veteran, you are accustomed to applying a resilient attitude and flexible approach to overcoming obstacles. Using a different method to get a job done is perfectly acceptable and often necessary, particularly when you have an injury. Solving potential problems takes personal creativity and sometimes connecting with college faculty, staff and other students who have knowledge in specific areas. 

Being resourceful and applying the determined attitude that you developed in military service is key.  Be sure to take advantage of tips for navigating the college experience that have been developed by other student veterans.
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