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Certifying Officials

After the DVA has determined you eligible to receive education benefits, the school certifying official at your college or university will complete the paperwork necessary for certifying your enrollment. Your enrollment status, including your tuition and fees and enrollment dates, is reported to the DVA on a term-by-term basis. After receiving this information, the DVA issues payment for tuition and fees, book stipends, and basic allowance for housing based on your eligibility. The certifying official does not determine your eligibility to receive education benefits or the time frame for receiving your benefits. 
Keep in mind that the certifying official is only able to certify you for courses which are required for your program of study. The certifying official also notifies DVA of any change in enrollment status, and reports unsatisfactory progress or conduct.  
The certifying official may wear many different hats at your college or university. Most commonly, the certifying official is housed within the offices of admissions, financial aid, records and registration, student accounting, or military student services. In addition to being the most important person on campus for helping you to use your education benefits, the certifying official is also key to helping you locate campus resources for student veterans and for troubleshooting any problems that you encounter.  

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